LEASHES – yes or no??

It’s been an interesting year, lots of new SUP clubs and schools venturing out and established ones developing into new areas.  One development has been on our local inland waterways with canoe and SUP hire companies spreading their wings into SUP hire and guiding. As a result we have received [...]

Adventure SUP Instructor Course Review by John Kivell

Adventure SUP Instructor I have been involved in coaching and leading groups in many activities for the past 17 years. I work at an adventure activity centre where I manage the day to day events and operation of the Centre. I am also responsible for looking for new and innovative [...]

What does it take to be a surf instructor?

by Dan Lavery Long Line Surf School   So over the weekend I ran the first Water Skills Academy- Foundation Surf Instructor Course of the year. With the season nearly upon us and the Easter Season beginning as early as St Patrick’s Day this was the perfect timing to get qualified [...]

What is CPD?

No, it’s not a new paddle grip or jet powered white water board.  CPD or Continual Professional Development, is, or should be a part of any coach’s ongoing relationship with their coaching skills, their association and a key feature to be invested in, through time and sometimes money. CPD may [...]

SUP Towing

As a SUP coach or paddling in a group, at some point we may need to resort to towing. This may happen if a paddler becomes tired, equipment failure or you feel the need to train with some extra drag? Towing can be used to help or position group members as [...]