Choosing a pump for an iSUP board

//Choosing a pump for an iSUP board

With inflatable SUP sales fast becoming the board of choice for many it is perhaps interesting to discuss the different types of pumps that are available for the iSUP market. Most iSUP manufactures include as standard a pump with the board.  These can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, most offering the standard thick barrel single action pump. A few manufacturers such as Mistral now offer a slim barrel high pressure pump great to get higher pressure in your iSUP but for those of you who run a SUP school and have a fleet of iSUPs to pump up it is still going to be a pretty physical workout pumping up numerous boards. So what is the answer? The article below offers advice on the different types of pumps available on the market, it is a great read BUT it does not provide a soultion for the school owner with several boards to inflate quickly. Not all operators can leave their boards partially inflated, it is simply not practical and for those that are mobile operators and travel to different destinations WITHOUT having a trailer to transport the iSUP boards there must be a better solution? We have heard of dive tanks being rigged up with some pretty expensive regulators and blow off valves being able to inflate 10 boards in 15-20 mins which is mighty impressive BUT do you or any others use this or a different system. Let us know what works for you and we can share with the WSA members.

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