• Combined Foundation SURF Instructor and Surf Lifeguard Course – £650 7 days

  • Combined Foundation Surf Instructor and Surf Coach Safety and Rescue Competency Award – £625 6 days

What are these courses and who are they suitable for?

If you wish to work as a Surf Instructor you will require two qualifications to do so. The ISA Surf Instructor award along with a recognised and in date lifesaving qualification. There are two choices for the the lifesaving award – The SLSGB Surf Lifeguard OR the SLSGB Surf Coach Safety and Rescue Competency Award – these are valid for 2 years with an annual requirement to demonstrate CPR protocols.

The Surf lifeguard award is held over 5 days and includes a timed pool swim  of 400 metres in under 7:30 minutes (first 200 metres under 3:30) along with a 200 metre beach run in under 40 seconds. The use of oxygen, rescue tubes, radios and lifeguard working practices are not included in the  Surf Coach Safety and Rescue Competency award. The other major difference is the timed pool swim which is 200m in under 5 mins and a 200m beach run in under 1 minute. The surf coach safety and rescue course is held over 4 days.

The SLSGB Surf Lifeguard award allows you to work as a surf instructor as well as a beach lifeguard. If you only wish to work as a surf instructor then you can take the shorter combined course. We generally recommend if you can complete the lifeguard timed pool swim then choose that course over the surf coach rescue award as your employment chances are enhanced.

Your ISA course is valid for a year, after which you must pay your annual membership to ISA to stay a valid member. To revalidate your lifesaving award you can attend a one day proficency award as long as your certificate is still in date or has expired within 3 months of the expiry date.

You MUST become a member of SLSGB £25 and provide us with your membership number prior to your course start date. This is so we can enrol you on the course and SLSGB will then release your online learning modules.  To join SLSGB please call 01392 369111 or to join online please click here

2020  SLSGB Surf Lifeguard + ISA Level 1 Courses dates (7 days £650)

April 13 – 19th

May 11 – 17th

June 13 – 19th

July 06 – 12th

Sept 07 – 13th

Oct 05 – 11th

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2020 SLSGB Surf Coach Safety and Rescue + ISA Level 1 Course Dates (5 days £625)

April 14 – 19th

May 12 – 17th

June 13 – 19th (lay day on 15th)

July 07 – 12th

Sept 08 – 13th

Oct 06 – 11th

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Overseas Training

If you have an established Surf or SUP school overseas and would like to host a training course at your venue please contact us to discuss your requirements. We have been providing training in Europe for the previous 15yrs working with some of Europes largest and most successful surf schools. Courses are available in Spain, Portugal, Holland, Ireland, France and many others. We can also provide training in New Zealand. If you have a training requirement and are from a country not listed above please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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