The COVID-19 Pandemic has led to unprecedented challenges for everybody who lives and works in the Nations of the United Kingdom.  Focusing primarily, on protecting our loved ones, communities and ensuring the NHS has the capacity to care for those in need.  We now face the challenge of attempting to return to normality, whilst ensuring the Virus is kept well under control.  Our return to business, therefore, must be managed. 

The unprecedented nature of the situation has meant that we are all faced with a barrage of complicated and, often-conflicting messages from the media, government and other organisations, as they attempt to make sense of the developing situation and advise us how to ‘do’ our business.  Moreover, we have to expect that this advice will continue to change as our understanding of the COVID-19 Virus grows. This presents a significant challenge for the Adventure Tourism Industry, due to the sheer diversity of activities it involves. COVID-19 not only affects our business and activity procedures, it also impacts on the ways we deal with incidents and accidents as many ‘standard techniques’ involve close contact and as such present risks; this adds yet more complexity.

As well as understanding the new ways of ‘doing’ our business, we are faced with  ensuring our workforce, customers and the communities we work in have confidence that we are acting responsibly to keep them safe. 

The conflict between the need to return to business and the need to wait for clear guidance is causing significant concern in the Adventure Tourism Sector.  This is inevitably leading to some operators choosing to ‘knee jerk’ back into business, this potentially risks:

–  The safety of their staff and clients.

–  The reputations of their business and the industry as a whole. 

–  A loss of trust and goodwill in communities.

–  Contributing to a resurgence of the Virus.

Conversely, those Operators who are choosing to wait, face greater financial pressures and ultimately the livelihoods of their staff and themselves.

The Covid Care Quality Assurance Scheme

The Covid Care Quality Assurance Scheme has been developed alongside industry and insurance experts and is designed to:

– Provide a clear framework to allow operators to assess their business activities to minimise the risks presented by COVID-19.

– Provide a library of credible information sources, pertinent to various parts of the industry.

– Be adaptable to meet the differing needs of a diverse industry.

– Be flexible to allow for changes in advice.

– Provide a recognizable brand to increase staff, customer and community confidence.

Scheme Benefits

Use a simple and flexible method to help you prepare your business for the challenges of working safely and effectively.

–  Easy to access information from reputable sources.

–  Increase customer confidence in your business.

–  Show your staff and your community you have their best interests at heart.


Water Skills Academy (WSA) uses all reasonable care and skill to ensure that the information appearing with this Covid Care Quality Assurance Scheme is accurate and up-to-date.

No warranty or representation is given, whether expressed or implied, as to the completeness and/or accuracy of the information provided and accordingly the information given is for guidance purposes only.  You are advised to verify any information before you act upon it.  You should not solely rely on such information and should seek your own independent insurance and/or legal advice.  WSA will not be liable for any loss and damage, whether direct or indirect, from your use of the information and the materials contained within this Quality Assurance Scheme.

Any dispute or claim concerning or arising from this Scheme shall be determined in accordance with the law of England and Wales, and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction in determining such disputes or claims.