Level 1 Surf Instructor FAQs

//Level 1 Surf Instructor FAQs
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What we would say is please do your homework before getting on a plane. In certain countries around the world, their own federations or associations may require you to meet their own criteria such as language and surfing tests. Do your research!

This course is run over three days. With smaller groups the final day might be of shorter duration.
Good question! This course is designed to give you the foundation knowledge and experience you need to enter the industry.. We build the skeleton together then you go off and put the meat on the bones.
To attend this course you must be at intermediate level, you must be able to perform a good bottom turn, top turn, cutback and be confident in surf that is head high

We feel that it isn’t unreasonable to expect surfing instructors to be able to surf well. We expect our instructors not only to be skilled and professional teachers but also be capable and experienced surfers.
Yes we always make sure candidates have an opportunity to demonstrate their surfing ability while on the course.
The assessment process is on-going throughout the three days with a final day dedicated to assessment. We will be looking at how you deliver a lesson on dry land and in the water. We also require you to demonstrate perfectly everything you will teach to your students.
If your surfing does not meet the standard required then you have a twelve-month window to get your surfing to where it needs to be. You will then be required to submit photos and possibly video evidence to show us that you have reached the standard. Everyone has to submit a surfing photo to gain full accreditation. If the first submission is unsatisfactory, you’ll just have to submit a few more.
There are a variety of course locations, please contact your trainer .
Yes. You will need your own vehicle or have someone to drop you off and pick you up. People on the course normally end up car-sharing once everyone has got to know each other on day one. If this is a problem, then please notify us prior to the course starting.
You can drink as much tea and coffee as is humanly possible but you will need to either bring a packed lunch or have money to buy something.
Candidates must 16 years or older.
This qualification is valid for as long as you have a valid lifesaving qualification such as the SLSGB Surf Lifeguard or Surf Coach Safety and Rescue award and can provide evidence that you have been using your qualification in the past 12 months
We don’t offer accommodation but can recommend a few options in the local area.