You must be physically fit, and be able to swim. You must be able to paddle effectively using a forward stroke, demonstrate turning including step back turn. 
What we would say is please do your homework before getting on a plane. In certain countries around the world, their own federations or associations may require you to meet their own criteria. Do your research!

2 days training assessment

Ideally yes and this should include CPR drowning protocols, hypothermia and head injuries. You can complete this AFTER attending our course.
Ideally it is better to have your own board but we can supply you with one if this is a problem. We understand travelling with a SUP board can be challenging at the best of times.
Yes, you will be continually assessed on your practical teaching and demonstration skills. There will also be a written exam and a formal assessment session. 
Yes if you pass the practical assessment and the written exam.
We have a variety of training locations to provide you with great choice.
You can drink as much tea and coffee as is humanly possible but you will need to either bring a packed lunch or have money to buy something.
Candidates must be 18 years of age to achieve full instructor status. Candidates can be younger to attend the course but will only receive “assistant instructor” status until they reach the age of 18.
We don’t offer accommodation but can recommend a few options in the local area. Please contact your trainer for a list of accommodation options.