• iSUP Smart Online Theory Workshop – £40

  • Online Theory Duration – 3 hours

  • iSUP Smart Online Practical Workshop – £35 (dates TBC)

Stay Safe. Stay Smart.

We are positive you are focused on getting back out on the water, feet on the deck and the first paddle stroke in a very long time. But are you fully prepared?
Let’s take advantage of the time we have before heading out, to review and learn so we are prepared and self sufficient.
The WSA iSUP Smart Online Theory Workshop is perfect for this. A mix of practical and theory, we are excited to offer the interactive theory online with one of our experienced trainers. Once you have completed the theory with your trainer, the practical element will be delivered when we are back on the water later.

Course Skills


  • Boards
  • Paddles
  • Clothing
  • Safety Kit
  • Buoyancy Aids
  • Leashes
  • Safety Kit


  • Weather
  • Seasons
  • Venues
  • Navigation
  • Float Plan
  • Health
  • Tides / Swell
  • Launching/ Recovery
  • Wave and Waves


  • Self Rescue
  • Team Rescue
  • Plan
  • Broken kit
  • First Aid
  • Paddle Tips


  • Seasonal Considerations
  • Leave no trace
  • Bio security


  • Equipment
  • Travel
  • Hiring
  • Transport


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