• WSA Expedition SUP Paddler – £380 / Membership £30

  • Duration – 4 days

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Who is the course for?

This course for experienced SUPers wishing to expand their paddling experiences to multi-day journeys, building on the WSA Adventure SUPer.
The course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to push your boundaries into new areas of exploration.

Course Skills


  • Skills review
  • Planning & Legal Considerations
  • Weather
  • Group and Individual Needs
  • Equipment
  • Shelter, Nutrition & Water
  • Navigation
  • Communication
  • First Aid and Rescue / Evacuation Considerations
  • Environmental Considerations and Leave No Trace Techniques
  • Wildlife
  • Paddling Techniques
  • Expedition Journey
  • Course Review and Action Plan

Throughout the course you will be required to make decisions, work individually and as a team being challenged!


This course is for experienced SUPers who are very competent and confident in a full range of adverse conditions.

Candidates should:

  • Be competent and capable of paddling your SUP on moving water up to Grade 1 and Open water
  • Have good knowledge of SUP kit loading and be able to conduct a solo deep water rescue
  • Have evidence of at least 4 paddling journeys (each of 4 hours minimum in duration)
  • Have experience of camping and living outdoors

Approved Prior Learning

Those individuals who have passed the WSA Adventure SUPer will have the required level of skills and knowledge to participate on the Expedition SUPer Course.

Individuals who have experienced paddlesports disciplines may also apply; qualifications such as WSA Awards / or other by application.


To secure a place on a course, please contact us here.