The WSA Youth Pro team has been set up to assist young Paddleboarders, Surfers, Lifeguards and Pack Rafters develop personally and professionally.  This select and dedicated team will have access to WSA Ambassadors and Trainers throughout their internship, drawing on the WSA’s experience, knowledge and environmental mentorship.  A focus on developing the responsible watermen and water-women of the future will be key.

Who is it for?

  • Those wishing to become one or more of the following – coaches, guides, adventurers, racers, lifeguards and to use these skills to become environmental ambassadors of the future.

How long is it for?

  • 24 months (NOT FULL TIME)

When will it start?

  • Applications close August 31st 2020
  • Shortlist – September 2020
  • Announcements – September 2020
  • Start – October 2020

How old do I need to be?

  • We will consider anyone above the age of 16 years from January 1st 2021, up to 19 years of age.

How much will it cost?

  • Its FREE, however equipment, travel, food and accommodation if required will need to be funded (WSA may be able to help financially)

What do I get?

  • Environmental, sustainability and professional awareness and training
  • Workshops and courses
  • Access to the family of Ambassadors and Trainers
  • Accompany WSA Expeditions
  • Media and presence training
  • First Aid training
  • WSA Pro Team clothing
  • Access to Pro Deals and discounts with various manufacturers
  • WSA Membership, insurance 
  • Business mentorship

What don’t I get?

  • Payment
  • Transport
  • Accommodation and Food
  • Kit and Equipment

What do I need to do?

  • Contribute ideas to how young people want to see SUP, Surfing and Pack Rafting represented.
  • Represent the WSA Youth Pro team professionally through all media channels, when in front of the public eye and at events.  This will include wearing WSA branded items, badges or stickers we supply when posting on social media.
  • Represent the WSA and its ethics
  • Be positive, professional and a role model encouraging others at all levels and abilities
  • Follow the WSA Youth Pro agreement

How do I apply?

Please follow the link and complete the form.