Winter Storms expose ancient human remains at Harlyn

//Winter Storms expose ancient human remains at Harlyn

Winter of destruction

This winter was historic. The Atlantic went crazy for a couple of months and wreaked havoc on our coastline. Villages and towns across the region took a beating and very few could remember a winter like it. Rocks that have sat quietly for thousands of years moved, cliffs crumbled,  beach roads literally sank, dunes were eaten by giant waves and tides, fishing boats in Porthleven were turned into matchwood and the ancient remains of what is believed to be an iron or bronze age woman appeared at Harlyn.

A grim discovery


The police were called when a member of the public made the gruesome discovery while peering into a cavity in the rocks. Police and council officers examined the site. Once it had been concluded that the bones were of historical significance, the council’s Historic Environment service were called and the remains were removed. There are many prehistoric burial sites in the area of great significance. This is largely due to the sand which protects bones from acid in the soil that would otherwise destroy them. Investigations are still being carried out on the remains which could be up to 4000 years old.

Photo:Cornish Guardian