We recognise that not everyone wants to become a coach or guide. We also recognise that those who practice our amazing activities have a thirst to learn, go faster, get better or try different and exciting new activities.

WSA workshops are structured one or two day courses, which will allow you to be coached by leaders in their field and develop your own skills and knowledge.

We offer workshops at all our destinations, however some areas do specialise in certain workshops.

So if it’s Downwind, Technique, Surf, White Water or just want to an overall perspective on your paddling or surfing then we are here to help.

WSA can offer one to one workshops or why not get a small group together and make it a more social experience. Our clinics are ideal for centres and clubs.

Schools and Club Management

It’s easy to get lost in the world of legislation and management when running a club or business. Our trainers have decades of experience running private and public schools and national centres of excellence. Brining their experience together we can help you make sense of and simplify processes and ensure that you are equipped to run a safe, effective business that clients will return to and identify with. The course covers, legislation, equipment, marketing, development and staffing.


Its an amazing feeling when you know your technique is allowing you to feel the glide with less effort and certainly saving you energy. WSA boasts several leaders in the field of moulding your technique so you can feel the glide.  Skills breakdown, video feedback and structured drills let us get you the nirvana that can be forward paddling.


The leader board consists of WSA coaches and educators, with decades of combined experience racing around the world let us introduce you to the art of the race, whether it is sprint or long distance.


it is no coincidence that we have two master down winders as part of the WSA family; their experience is some of the most in world from a recreational downwind or those exposed race crossings. If its your first time or looking for something more adventurous we can guide through the art of down winding.

White Water

White Water SUP is fast becoming a go to discipline for the winter and we provide an introduction to this new experience. The workshop will cover essential skills, ranging from equipment choice, safety, breaking in and out, hydrology, hazards and running rapids. We recommend that you have undertaken a Whitewater Sup Safety and Rescue course or a similar course through another organisation (BCU / Rescue 3).  Open Water Adventure Journeying is a time old tradition with a single bladed paddle, with adventure at heart. The WSA team consists of expedition paddlers who not only can coach you in the art of open water paddling, coastal or large expanses but also in the art of expeditioning.  Their experience spans the globe from the Scottish Highlands to the gorges and lakes of the Himalayas and coastlines of the Pacific South Islands. They have extensive knowledge of correct equipment, planning and living out of doors on extended water journeys.

SUP Surf

It is no coincidence that we can boast the British SUP Surf champion. The team are no strangers to secret spots and points, with a depth of experience and knowledge to help you.  Under our tutelage we can assist your bottom turn to your cutback as well as sharing our extensive knowledge of surf safety and the surf environment.  This course will be based upon your requirements and goals.


As leading surf coach educators in Europe we can guide you through developing your surfing whether it be beginner, intermediate or advanced, short board, longboard or even handplane. This course will be based upon your requirements and goals.